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Wearable Rehabilitation Tool

Rehap rehabilitation tool helps stroke patients relearn muscle movements.

wearable assistive device

REHAP is an assistive rehabilitation tool for stroke patients. With the help of the tool, they can perform strength training and synchronize simple hand and basic muscle movements.

Ka Man Choi designed a rehabilitation tool to help stroke survivors relearn basic muscle movements at the comfort of their homes.

During REHAP's research, Choi found that about one-third of stroke survivors endure various degrees of emotional stress. Rehab equipment and assistive gadgets help stroke patients train the damaged limb and their own muscle memory to minimize stiffness and preserve circulation during the healing process.

Through the use of REHAP and mirror treatment, patients can regain their physical coordination by utilizing the unaffected limbs to control and train their afflicted limbs.

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The wearable rehabilitation tool offers a continual rehabilitation solution with replaceable gears at various difficulty levels based on the user's progress.

REHAP adopts a modular structure design with a compliant mechanism that can be printed with a single material, simplifying the manufacturing and recycling process and making the rehabilitation and assistive technology ecosystem more accessible and sustainable. (Via)

wearable assistive device

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