Hosiery Recycling Program

Snag has launched a recycling program for used tights.

hosiery recycling program

Tights are one of the most throwaway items when it comes to garment waste. Every year, up to 8 billion pairs of tights are created and wasted worldwide. Tights are mostly made from nylon and takes up to 100 years to break down.

Snag Tights is the only hosiery brand that helps you recycle old stockings so that they can gain a second life as a permanent industrial component. Snag's tights recycling program is part of the company's ongoing commitment to ethical and ecological business practices.

The brand's production process is carbon neutral, and the dyeing system uses recycled water. In fact, the dye itself is vegan, and most of the series are animal-free-except for organic merino wool from New Zealand. Snag uses recycled materials as much as possible to make the brand more sustainable.

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The rejected tights are donted to Hey Girls, which works with a series of charities.

Collect all the old and damaged Snags, use Royal Mail or Hermes to send them back to the headquarters. The brand is currently working to get customers to send them back for free. (Via)

hosiery recycling program

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