Sustainable Revenue Model

Streamlabs' new monthly tipping service provides a sustainable source of income to streamers.

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Logitech’s Streamlabs has launched a monthly tipping service called Streamlabs Creator Subscription that helps streamers make a sustainable income.

The new live streaming tool provides a way for streamers to set up subscription services for viewers, and Streamlabs will not even charge commissions. Streamlabs will allow creators to choose the type of subscription service they want to provide to fans and determine a specific price point. However, if they wish, they can allow viewers to choose their monthly donation amount.

In any case, this tipping feature can be directly integrated into Streamlabs' famous OBS software package. Not only Twitch, but YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok can all use OBS for streaming.

Therefore, Streamlabs Creator Subscription is more attractive than Twitch's built-in service, which charges 50% on subscription fees earned by streamers, pointed out by The Verge.

Image: Streamlabs.

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