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Hemispherical Public Toilet

Tokyo's innovative hemispherical public toilet uses voice command to operate.

Tokyo public toliet

Japanese toilets are world-renowned for their technical innovations, and their design aims to change people's perception of public toilets as dark, dirty, stinky, and terrifying.

This innovative toilet uses voice commands to operate doors, flush toilets, faucets, and ambient music and it is designed by Kazoo Sato as part of the Tokyo toilet project.

The hemispherical toilet at Nanago Dori Park, in the heart of Tokyo's Shibuya business district, is meant to improve interior airflow and the 24-hour ventilation system also helps prevent odor buildup.

When users enter the restroom, they are welcomed by a voice command informing them that they can use voice commands to operate the door, flush the toilet, switch on or off the faucet, and play music.

The hemispherical toilet also features a cleaning water jet nozzle and automated lid for hands-free operation provided by Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto.

The public toilet is the 12th of a planned series of 17 public toilets as part of the Tokyo Toilet Project, which invites prominent Japanese and worldwide creatives to submit original ideas. (Via)

Tokyo public toliet

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