A surprising computer can help you make bubble tea is the first of its kind

Aftershock created the world's first bubble tea computer.

Bubble Tea Computer

Aftershock was commissioned by an Australian bubble tea lover to make a unique structure, so this Singapore custom PC manufacturer created the world's first bubble tea computer.

The milky coolant with pearl-like particles that recalls taro milk tea is the outstanding characteristic of the purple PC. These components are actually filtered balls that are used to make custom PCs move more dynamically.

The interior is a pastel purple, with a luminous, laser-cut picture of a corgi drinking bubble tea printed on the side as an homage to the owner's favorite dog.

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The finished product mixes high-quality computer components and a customized open water cooling system, which is filled with naturally rotating "pearls" to cool the high-power CPU system. As the computer runs, the liquid in the coolant moves continuously to dissipate heat.

The computer unit created by Aftershock is visually attractive and fully functional, which can effectively control the heat level for work and gaming purposes. (Via)


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