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Smokeless Indoor Grill

Barbechef is a compact indoor grill that uses infrared and smoke-free technology.

Indoor Smokeless Cooking Grill

Barbecuing provides a variety of health benefits, including eating less fat and retaining more riboflavin and thiamine. Whether it's cold or hot outside, grilled meat with proper seasoning is the best food.

If you prefer indoor grilling, the Barbechef Smart Cooking System is a powerful and compact grill that allows you to prepare your favorite recipes in the comfort of your home.

The device has infrared technology for smoke-free cooking and temperature control. The system gives perfect control from the start and can prepare a range of foods because it can be grilled, operated on skewers, and even used as a rotisserie.

Infrared heat is concentrated exclusively on the grill's surface, and the cooling tray absorbs oil before it emits smoke. This is a fantastic technique that allows you to grill indoors without having to worry about smoke or splashing.

Barbechef is equipped with a touch-sensitive digital control panel that can easily maintain the temperature between 0°F and 464°F. The infrared indoor grill is easy to clean, just put it in the dishwasher.

Indoor Smokeless Cooking Grill

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