Biodegradable BBQ Grill Is Bound To Make An Impact to The Environment

biodegradeable BBQ grill

Casus Grill is a fully biodegradable, disposable BBQ grill, entirely made of natural materials. The single-use grill lets you cook from start to finish without having to clean up the mess.

This is ideal for those who want to grill some burgers but do not want to invest in a permanent barbeque grill.

This innovative grill is portable and can be used virtually any place. It is incredibly light and portable, making it ideal for transporting to a park or camping.

Casus Grill is very easy to set up, using only bamboo, cardboard, and lava stones. The surface remains hot for an hour, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the great barbeque.

Because it is totally disposable, the simple and efficient BBQ grill may be thrown away after use.

biodegradeable BBQ grill


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