Odor Reducing Shoe Closet

Comodo shoe closets can easily reduce the smell of shoes and kill bacteria with the touch of a button.

Odor Reducing Shoe Closet

When you come home after a hard workout and take off your shoes, they are likely to give off a bad smell. Smelly socks and shoes are a result of your feet sweating. The situation worsens when you want to wear the same pair of shoes the next day because the smell will not disappear even after washing or applying odor-reducing and germ-killing sprays.

COMODO is a shoe closet that also functions as a cushion, allowing you to sit on it while putting on newly cleaned shoes. The term comes from the Spanish word "cómodo," which means "comfort and pleasure" in Spanish.

Design Studio Designer Dot and designer Hyeona Cho designed the shoe cabinet, which is equipped with modern disinfection technology to keep your shoes free from moisture and will not breed bacteria or fungi.

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The closet has a HEPTA filter, which can be seen on most air purifiers, ultraviolet lamps that can effectively protect bacteria, and an odor filter. The flexible air shoe rack allows users to choose to place shoes according to their needs, or to take them out comfortably. The touch display provides all options for modifying UV cleaning, drying, and odor settings.

The shoe closet is influenced by modern multifunctional furniture that emphasizes compactness and minimalism. It has a very simple but vital purpose, and at the same time, it can be easily integrated with your home decoration. (Via)

Odor Reducing Shoe Closet

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