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World's First Computer Bike

The World's First Computer Bike Comes with High-End PC Hardware.

World's First Computer Bike

The Exo Giga Bike is an unusual type of bicycle that is excellent for geeks who enjoy doing amazing BMX stunts in the day and then enjoy games on their PC in the evening.

The Exo Giga Bike is the world's first computer bike and the project is commissioned by Gigabyte (Aorus), Red Bull, and Intel. The bicycle is equipped with high-end PC hardware-GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card, Gigabyte z590i Aorus Ultra motherboard and Intel i5-11600K processor.

Mactepckar Yolenzo designed and created the bicycle, and its adaptable and compact design allows it to be used in parks or urban areas.

There is a water cooling system to control the temperature of the PC hardware. It is even equipped with AORUS RGB 32 GB 3733 MHz RAM and 2TB AORUS Gen4 NVME SSD. It is fully capable of connecting to a monitor and launching high-end games under high graphics settings.

This mini BMX gaming bicycle is a brand new way to carry gaming equipment and demonstrates an incredible level of collaboration. (Via)

World's First Computer Bike

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