October 19, 2021

Multifunctional Modern Furniture

The ‘FLUP’ multifunctional furniture functions as both a chair and a rug.

multifunctional furniture

The “FLUP” multifunctional minimalist furniture designed by Sergio Roca is a dual-purpose decoration solution for modern homes that allows users to easily switch spaces throughout the day.

FLUP can be used as a carpet as well as a seat. It is an excellent option for families living in smaller living spaces.

The multipurpose modern decorative item consists of interconnected panels that allow it to be laid flat on the floor, allowing users to use it like a carpet. The built-in cord can be used to push objects up from the center of the stool to expose and lock them in place, providing visitors with maximum sitting posture or foot space.

This is a good example of space-saving furniture, and it is even better because it does not require assembly. It is a single piece, like origami, which can be folded into another item.

multifunctional furniture

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