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Hot-Dog Shaped Bizarre Lamp

The Helmut Hot Dog Man is a bizarre-looking lamp.

Helmut Hot Dog Man lamp

UNDERCOVER, Medicom Toy and Will Sweeney have designed a bizarre lamp in the form of an anthropomorphic hot dog, which is the perfect choice for a living room end table.

The bizarre item, named Helmut Hot Dog Man, uses the outline of an anthropomorphic hot dog character to highlight UNDERCOVER's interest in fictional superheroes.

Sweeney also played a key role in bringing anthropomorphic objects to life. The hot dog wears a cape, a one-of-a-kind green costume, and bright red creeper shoes.

Furthermore, when the light is turned on at night, the only visible section is the hot dog portion of the lamp.

Helmut Hot Dog Man will be on sale at Medicom Toy and UNDERCOVER online stores on September 25th for $450.


Helmut Hot Dog Man lamp

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