City Traveling Sleeping Pods

The sleeping pods designed by IKEA France are equipped with mattresses, pillows and duvets.

IKEA Sleeping Pods

IKEA France launched a fleet of eight electric bicycles, towed a sleeping pod, allowing Parisians to take a nap in the afternoon. People in Paris could take a nap in one of the eight special sleeping capsules strolling through the city streets between August 30 and September 3.

Whether people are at work, in a meeting or just tired, IKEA's sleep capsules can help people get rid of the stress of daily life for 30 minutes. The compact sleeping pod includes mattresses, pillows, duvets, and carpets, as well as an acoustic solution to ensure maximum rest. This is like a dream come to see the magnificent city in the most comfortable way possible.

Covid protocols were followed as cabins were cleaned and ventilated for ten minutes between nappers and bedding materials were replaced.

Research shows that a power nap can help reduce stress, improve cognitive performance, bring more patience, increase reaction time, increase learning efficiency, and improve health.

Sleeping pods are becoming more and more popular and we have also observed an increase in the number of them in airports and lounges specially designed for exhausted travelers. (Via)

IKEA Sleeping Pods

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