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Biophilic Air Purifier

Olus air purifier is 100% biodegradable and can be composted after use.

biophilic air purifier

Air pollution in cities is a major environmental issue. The most efficient way to get clean city air is to minimize emissions from the beginning. Unfortunately, there are few alternatives, and a complete ban on transportation emissions would be detrimental to the economy and society. Major cities have installed air purifiers to address this issue, and many people depend on indoor air purification technology to enhance air quality.

However, air purifiers have many drawbacks, such as loud noise, high maintenance costs, deterioration of air quality due to outdated air filters, and cannot solve all indoor air quality problems.

People are increasingly interested in air purification technology as they strive to maintain their living space free of air contaminants.

Olus is a compact, eco-friendly air purifier created specifically for city dwellers, and it comes with a 100 percent biodegradable filter that helps to reduce landfills waste.

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Olus is distinguished by its naturalistic appearance as it integrates greenery on the front and has a 100 percent biodegradable filter inside.

Olus features a digital display to provide data such as air quality index (AQI) and temperature. The plant-based biodegradable air filter is made of polylactic acid and may be composted at Olus after use.

Louie Duncan and Christian P Kerrigan Architecture created the 'Olus' air purifier.

biophilic air purifier

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