October 19, 2021

World’s Smallest Brain-Inspired Computer

Aarhus University is working to develop the world’s smallest brain-inspired computer that can obtain energy from the surrounding environment.

the world’s smallest brain-inspired computer

Aarhus University‘s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering received a DKK 1.9 million funding from the Villum Experiment program for new research aimed at developing nano-sized brain-inspired computing (BIC) systems.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has developed rapidly In recent years, and despite significant progress, the capabilities required to run AI algorithms are still rising. In contrast, the human brain only needs about 20W to complete more than 10 quadrillions operations, which is better than modern supercomputer technology.

BIC system mimics the structure of the human brain, with neurons, synapses, and neural networks and it will help reduce the energy consumption of AI algorithms.

If the project is successful, it will become the smallest brain-inspired computer in the world, with extremely low energy consumption and capable of obtaining energy from the surrounding environment.

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According to Hooman Farkhani, an assistant professor at the University, there is no need for a power source, which will pave the way for a series of new and previously impossible artificial intelligence applications. (Via)