Augmented Reality Powered Mini Projector

The Moon projector provides hybrid teaching and allows to interact with students.

The Moon projector

The days of filling blackboards with mathematical formulae and scientific diagrams are long gone. Teachers can now focus on teaching, and students can learn quickly with the help of digital projectors.

The Moon projector is intended to enable teachers to connect with students through augmented reality. The projector is placed directly in front of a textbook, superimposing virtual objects on top of the written text. Teachers can interact with students through the Moon, highlighting passages and photos, making notes, and even grading papers in real-time.

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The Moon also features a stylus pen, allowing the mentor to digitally annotate the textbook before transferring it to the students' textbooks. The stylus pen tracks its movement over the textbook using a touch-sensitive tip and underneath cameras. It even has a microphone button that allows teachers to connect directly with students by giving voice-note lectures throughout the online class.

The Moon is also accompanied by a smartphone app that allows teachers and students to communicate as well as track students' overall performance over time.

Moon has a soft body, simple design, and easy-to-use interface. The large buttons on the upper surface of the friendly-looking projector allow students to easily control it.

The Moon projector



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