World’s 1st All-in-One Charging Station

Bodo charging station organizes and recharges your devices to simplify your work

The 'Bodo' Modular Charging Station

Our lives are dominated and controlled by gadgets and devices, which are spread across multiple chargers and charging points in our homes to keep them fully charged. Maintaining miraculous work-life balance solutions to improve work processes and increase productivity is quite difficult.

The "Bodo" ​​modular charging station is an all-in-one solution that allows desktop settings to be organized and run efficiently to meet specific needs, whether you are working from home or back to the office.

Bodo is the world's first all-in-one recharge organizer that arranges all the gadgets meticulously on a pegboard-like organizer that sits right on your desk.

Only a USB-C port is required to power the charging station to keep all your devices powered up simultaneously.

With its built-in Bodo Board, Bodo Stand, various wireless charging outlets, and a Zoom Light, the charging station comes with a stand that can be instantly elevated to an ergonomic height, making it suitable for all video chats.

The stand does not take up valuable desktop space, allowing you to place your gadgets at a higher position at the desired angle. The stand can be raised to the level of your sight to help you achieve a fascinating angle for video calls and video recording.

Bodo will keep everything securely mounted when in use or not and can be easily shifted around. (Via)

The 'Bodo' Modular Charging Station


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