Crypto Fight Club

Crypto Fight Club is an NFT-driven boxing-style game.

crypto boxing game

NFT games are still a popular issue in the crypto world. One of the most recent NFT games is Crypto Fight Club (CFC). This boxing-style game offers a one-of-a-kind gameplay variation. The NFT-powered boxing-style game requires participants to wager tokens, fight, and receive bonuses.

Binance Smart Chain will be used in the project to improve the quality. CFC will also launch its native token $FIGHT. CFC players submit their $FIGHT tokens in the player’s NFT, after which they can earn additional tokens by completing training goals, fighting other CFC players, improving player statistics, or buying new fighters.

Staking $FIGHT tokens will be done using a Proof-of-Wait mechanism, which will allow users to earn interest on their fighter, which will increase their stats over time. As a result, longer and larger stakes will have a stronger influence on fighter attributes.

The attributes will be divided into three groups: attack, block, and technology. There will also be equipment cards, such as gloves, shoes, and sports shoes, which will affect the fighter's performance. Fighter's performance will be influenced by using equipment cards, such as gloves, shoes, and sports shoes.

There will be 1 billion $FIGHT tokens with an initial price of $0.02 accessible before the end of the year, with play-to-earn action following early next year.

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