World's Lightest Electric Supercar

The lightest electric supercar in the world is created in India.

the lightest electric supercar in the world

Ekonk, billed as the world's lightest electric supercar, is the creation of Vazirani Automotive, a Mumbai-based start-up. Ekonk is a single-seater roadster with no roof that appears to be influenced by 1950s racing vehicles.

The electric car is small compared to modern sportscars. Instead of a traditional headlight, it has a single LED bar extending left and right and also features multiple horizontally stacked LED bars at the rear. Ekonk is mainly made of carbon fiber and weighs only 1,627 pounds, which is very light for electric vehicles.

Ekonk employs an air cooling system instead of the heavy and complicated liquid cooling system used in most electric vehicles. The DiCo technology imitates the mechanisms used by some animals to control their body temperature.

The electric powertrain outputs 722 horsepower, giving the supercar an almost perfect power-to-weight ratio of 1:1. Ekonk will be able to complete a 0-62mph sprint in 2.52 seconds.

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So far, this is all the information that has been made public. The prototype is still being tested; it is unknown whether Ekonk will be put into production. (Via)

the lightest electric supercar in the world

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