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Japanese Papercraft-Inspired Lingerie Prints

Kiko Mizuhara's new lingerie collection is inspired by the traditional Japanese technique orizome.

Tradition-Inspired Lingerie Prints

The well-known American and Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara will work with Fruity Booty, a leading female underwear brand in East London.

Kiko Mizuhara always believed that there is a lack of suitable lingerie brands until she obtained her first Fruity Booty underwear set. The collaboration started after Kiko contacted the brand on Instagram.

Kiko is a big fan of orizo​​me, a traditional Japanese paper craft that combines origami folding and color pigment dip dyeing. She used this technique to develop the prints for the capsule.

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According to the model, the collaboration helped her to understand the idea of using orizome print and had the opportunity to work with one of the best orizome designers, Mr. Yamamoto.

Fruity Booty undergarments are only sold through e-commerce platforms. The collections are designed to celebrate the diversity of the female body and enhance self-confidence. Fruity Booty lingerie collections are created from sustainably sourced materials. (Via)

Tradition-Inspired Lingerie Prints

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