Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub for MacBook

MagHub is compatible with the new MacBook Pro.

Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub for Macbook

MagHub enables MacBook users to use all the features of the workstation to simplify access to peripheral and handle all MacBook tasks.

MagHub uses magnetic locks instead of relying on defective mechanical locks that help to maintain a clean and stylish appearance. The hub and leatherback of MagHub are consistent with the design of the MacBook. The innovative, patent-pending magnetic design also greatly simplifies setup and connection.

The pop-up SSD wirelessly connects to the device through the built-in USB-C male port, which may also be utilized separately. MagHub comes with an SSD housing that is compatible with M.2 SATA SSD and NVME SSD and can be extended to 4TB of memory to store all your documents, games, and application files, thereby significantly enhancing your computing experience. Setup and maintenance are straightforward, and data transfer is fast and secure.

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MagHub supports M.2 NVME 10Gbps and SATA SSD 5Gbps, with read and write performance up to 1,000MB/s.

MagHub includes an M.2 SSD housing with NVMe PCIe M Key, SATA M Key, and SATA B&M Key, which is appropriate for solid-state memory sizes 22x42/ 22x60/ 22x80 but does not support AHCI PCIe SSD M Key and SATA SSD B Key.

MagHub is wrapped in CNC precision-milled aluminum and can be used permanently. It is made of high-quality materials and can perfectly match any 13"/15"/16" MacBook.

Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub for Macbook

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