Personal Electric Velomobile

The Northern Light 428 is a low-cost and hybrid personal electric velomobile.

Electricity-Storing Velomobile

Northern Light Motors, a British start-up, has unveiled a stunning new velomobile with a unique pedal design that can be described as a recumbent tricycle that places the rider in an aerodynamic body, according to Newatlas.

The uniqueness of the 'Northern Light 428' velomobile is that it uses a generator to fuel the 48-volt battery and then power the rear hub motor. This hybrid technology allows riders to convert their pedaling actions into energy storage, which can then be used to help them make progress whether they are trying to accelerate from a standstill or going uphill.

The nominal capacity of the motor is 1,000 watts and it can be electrically restricted to meet the regulations of different countries. According to the manufacturer, maintaining an electric assisted cruising speed of 35 mph (56 km/h) is achievable for most riders.

People are skeptical about the safety of velomobiles, but Northern Light 428 has a roll cage and reinforced safety unit around the rider, as well as front and rear collision areas and accessible areas that are higher than the bumper height.

The body of the prototype model is comprised of polystyrene foam coated in fiberglass, but the production model will have a polyester resin skin.

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Other features of the 428 include front and rear composite leaf spring suspension, storage room for three to four grocery bags, hydraulic disc brakes, a touchscreen interface, a detachable rain shield, and LED head- and tail lamps. A removable roof, turn indicators, a GPS tracking module, and a rear view camera are available as options.

The 428 is priced at £2,499 (roughly $3,439) and requires some assembly. Northern Light 428 can be reserved by paying a deposit of £250 (US$344) on the Northern Light Motors.  (Via)

Electricity-Storing Velomobile

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