Retro-Scooter Inspired Boxy Bike

The Honda Motocompo XL is a modern bike with a nostalgic feel.

Honda Motocompo xl bike

Allan Williams took the Honda Motocompo scooter as inspiration and created ​​the Honda Motocompo XL motorcycle as an alternative means of transportation.

The bike's design is borrowed from the original Motocompo scooter in many ways and the boxy shape is one of them. Motocompo XL is a cafe racer loaded with the mean machine racing character.

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The bike is equipped with an electric motor and its body is painted red and yellow, reminiscent of the appearance of a retro vehicle design. The Honda Motocompo XL concept motorcycle highlights futuristic functions and retro aesthetics, which shows that the past has become a source of inspiration for the appearance of future vehicles.

The boxy cáfé racer will bring you a nostalgic and modern driving experience.

Honda Motocompo xl bike


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