1st-Of-Its-Kind Money Making Electric Scooter

Rolley+ electric scooter lets users make money while riding or sharing the bike with friends and family.

Smart Electric Scooter

Rolley+ by Scooterson is made from scratch using cutting-edge technology and space-age materials. It has a series of sophisticated functions to provide a smooth riding experience.

The award-winning electric scooter is easy to ride. The Rolley+ is the simplest scooter to ride because of its thick tires and incredibly low center of gravity. Rolley+ is incredibly easy to ride, even for people who have difficulty riding a bicycle or a kick-scooter because of the passive Auto-Balance design.

The electric scooter has the function of improving safety.  When you leave Rolley+, the Sentry Mode is activated to prevent theft. If Sentry Mode is tampered with, the anti-tampering alert will send you a notification to your phone.

The tech-friendly electric scooter can be fully controlled via the Scooterson mobile app. Rolley+ connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or LTE, and your phone number will be your unique user ID. After unlocking the scooter, you can put your phone in the built-in holder for quick access while riding. The optional Scooterson NFC card can also be used to unlock Rolley+.

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The electric scooter may be shared with others by utilizing the Sharing Feature, which allows you to unlock it for friends using the Rolley+ App and allow them to use your scooter. When you let someone ride your Rolley+, you can always use the Scooterson app's "Find My Scooter" option to locate it. This function uses GPS tracking to plot your Rolley+'s whereabouts on a map.

Rolley+ is designed and built for optimum durability and performance. The e-scooter is composed of lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that never rusts.

Rolley+ is the first-of-its-kind scooter that enables you to make money while riding. When you lend your scooter to coworkers, neighbors, or anybody else you feel comfortable with, you may opt to monetize it using the Sharing features. The rate can be set by minute, hour, or day. Allow your scooter to produce money for you or earn bitcoins when you are not using it, such as when you are sleeping, working, or on vacation. (Via)

Smart Electric Scooter

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