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Squid Game-Inspired Security Camera

Squid Game security camera guards are designed to provide maximum security.

Squid Game-Inspired Security Camera Guards

"Squid Game" is not only a huge success on Netflix, but it is also the most popular show on the Internet. The Korean drama premiered on Netflix on September 17 is set to become the largest non-English show in the world.

If you are a big fan of the South Korean series, you might like this home security camera. The Squid Game-themed accessories are inspired by anonymous ruthless guards in pink jumpsuits who monitor the activities of the players.

The security guards feature cameras on their heads that provide a 180-degree view of the surroundings for complete security. Motion and audio sensors set the camera in motion and monitor its movement.

When the camera is not in use, a privacy mask physically blocks the FOV to prevent hackers from attempting or unauthorized access to the lens.

Squid game cameras' light intensity can be adjusted according to the needs of the user or the ambient lighting level in the room.

Cheon Ryong Choi, Soonook Kwon, and Jaeyeon Nam have designed the South Korean drama-inspired security cameras. (Via)

Squid Game-Inspired Security Camera Guards



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