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5 Cannabis-Related Products You Might be Interested In

cannabis plant

Hemp-based products are made from the dried flowering tops, leaves, stems, and seeds of the hemp plant. Dried leaves, seed oil, and other parts of the cannabis plant are used for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Cannabis contains the most abundant ingredient, called cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidiol is an oil extracted from the plant and may have health benefits, including reducing inflammation and pain. CBD is present in oil for skin, supplement capsules, and even in gummy candies.

The hemp-based products market is growing, which can be attributed to the increasing consumer awareness of the health benefits of the plant and its growing medical applications.

Here are the top 5 cannabis-related products you might be interested in.

  1. World’s First Smart Cannabis Dosing Device: Mode is preparing to launch its flagship product, the world's first universal smart dosing device to provide adults with a reliable way for consumption. This new gadget will be released with an app for 510 cannabis cartridges.

  Smart Cannabis Dosing Device

The Mode has also an Inhale & Exhale Haptic Guidance, which uses slight vibration to tell the user when to exhale and inhale, to get a more pleasant experience. Users can enhance their experience of comprehensive dosage regimens, product information, customized recommendations, consumption data, etc. through the companion app, which is available for both wellness and recreational customers

2. World's First Smart Locker Solution For Cannabis Deliveries:  QwikLeaf, the world's first developer of a smart locker solution for cannabis delivery, has completed its technology platform which allows customers to order online and pick up from the locker location of their choice.           Cannabis Delivery Smart Locker

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QwikLeaf's innovative, user-centric technology makes buying the medicinal plant online as quick, secure, and simple as it is in any other sector. Started in mid-summer 2021, QwikLeaf planned to deploy 75 smart lockers for cannabis delivery around Los Angeles, California.

3. Cannabis Testing Smart Device:

Cannabis Testing Device

The 'GemmaCert' test device is a scientific solution, allowing to quickly execute successful testing. When GemmaCert is linked to a sample, it instantly begins to operate, providing very accurate data on THC and CBD levels. Users may then examine the data collected on their cellphones, and machine learning helps to enhance information and testing accuracy.

4. Roadside Testing Device:

Roadside Cannabis Testing Device

A team of scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas developed roadside cannabis detection equipment to help authorities conduct on-site inspections in a simple and non-invasive manner. The device is used in conjunction with a smartphone and disposable test strips to detect THC in saliva and provide testers with accurate readings in just five minutes. The test kit can detect THC levels from 100 picograms per milliliter of blood to 100 nanograms per milliliter of blood.

5. ​​Sustainable Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Farm:

Sustainable Hemp and Medical Marijuana Farm

Margot Krasojevic proposed the idea of ​​sustainable hemp and medicinal cannabis farm as a facility for the cultivation of the plant in the future. The concept building was created for Catalonia, Spain, in response to amendments to hemp legislation to allow plant cultivation as part of future agriculture. The structure will be constructed from cellulose-based hemp blocks, making it stronger than stone and non-toxic building materials.

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