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Oxygen Detecting Wearable Health Sensor

The Conceptual Transcutaneous Oxygen is an aesthetically designed health sensor.

Health Sensor

Transcutaneous Oxygen Sensor is a concept wearable device designed by Ason Co., Ltd., which can directly detect the oxygen content of the tissue under the skin. Because oxygen is transported through the blood, and a healthy blood flow helps to heal, this gadget is used to assess the ability of tissues to repair themselves properly.

This wearable health sensor combines luminous gas sensing with soft electrical technology, and it may be used to detect and cure any condition involving the capillaries.

The functional medical gadget has a compact design that is tiny enough to be worn on the body and has an appealing appearance.

The wearable health sensor combines technology and superb design to produce a product that is both practical and visually pleasing.

The Transcutaneous Oxygen Sensor is designed by Deokhee Jeong to make healthcare equipment less clinical. (Via)

Health Sensor


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