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Cancer Destroying Microbots

These 3D-printed microbots go through the body to release drugs on cancer.


Cancer cells develop quickly, and chemo medicines destroy rapidly growing cells. These medications circulate throughout the body and they can also harm regular, healthy, fast-growing cells causing unintended consequences.

According to a study published in ACS Nano, using microbots for direct delivery of chemotherapy drugs to cancers may help reduce side effects, and miniature 3D-printed robotic animals might soon do the work. These magnet-guided microrobots only release their medical payload when they come into contact with the acidic environment surrounding a tumor.

The new microrobots are comprised of hydrogel that has been 3D printed into the shape of various creatures such as a fish, a crab, and a butterfly, with gaps that may contain particles. To make the microrobots magnetic, they were immersed in a solution containing iron oxide nanoparticles.

The scientists modified the printing density in certain regions, such as the edges of the crab's claws or the fish's mouth, to allow the microbots to open and close in reaction to variations in acidity.

Scientists are also working on developing tiny microbots that can swim through your veins and be monitored.

Very soon swarms of microrobots might be swimming, rolling, crawling, and walking within human bodies to administer medications more directly. (Via)


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