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Demon Slayer-Themed Aircraft

Japan’s All Nippon Airways will start anime-themed aircraft from next year.

  • The popular anime series Demon Slayer will be shown on both domestic and international flights.
  • In-flight announcements will be made with the character's voice.

Demon Slayer-themed aircraft

Japan's Nippon Airways will begin flying aircraft adorned with characters from the world's popular anime series "Demon Slayer" from next year January.

It will incorporate in-flight announcements with the characters' voices to appease Japan's anime-loving population. It will also feature photos of Demon Slayer characters, such as hero Tanjiro Kamado.

In partnership with the anime, which will also feature Demon Slayer-themed paper cups and special paper toys for youngsters on domestic flights as part of a special limited promotion.

In addition, in-flight entertainment will be organized to include 'Demon Slayer' episodes and five songs from the TV anime series original soundtrack,  as well as the "Demon Slayer" symphony concert.

The Demon Slayer-themed aircraft is supposed to provide a one-of-a-kind flight experience. (Via)

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