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Anthropomorphic Furniture Pieces

Chris Wolston's artwork explores human elements through his bizarre furniture pieces.

Fantasy Sculptural Furniture Pieces

Temperature Rising is a new show by designer and sculptor Chris Walston, bringing together 21 distinct works that explore materiality and abstraction through chairs, tables, recliners, and other furniture pieces.

Casa Perfect in Los Angeles is now displaying the fantasy-themed collection (from November 3 through December). The artist experiments with fiber materials to weave anthropomorphic silhouettes in a distinct way, as well as metallurgy employing bronze, brass, and copper metals.

Temperature's Rising is inspired by a variety of sources, including the Andes Mountains in Western Columbia and Spanish modernism. Wolston employs human features to reconstruct the viewer's perception of furniture to give his sculptures a sense of familiarity.

As the artist explained, Rising Temperatures respect an important part of our environment and at the same time encourage us to rethink the objects we encounter every day. (Via)

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