Apple Patent-Inspired 3D Car Model

The Apple Car is the future of personal transportation.

Patent-Inspired Tech Car Concept

Vanarama, a car leasing specialist firm, has built a 3D model and life-like drawings of the Apple Car, which will be available in a few years.

Vanarama's bizarre design is meticulously constructed based on various Apple patents and their practical relevance in real life. The concept automobile can be turned 360 degrees on their website for a complete view of the front, side, and rear portions.

The overall design of the vehicle seems to be influenced by Cybertruck and Model 3. They are quite detailed, showing all the splendor of the Apple Car from the exterior and interior.

With the help of Apple's software, things become more detailed, including all the controls and information supported by the intelligent driving assistant. Temperature control, stylish application launcher, music playback control, and Siri waveform are just a few examples.

If everything goes according to plan, the auto may become a reality in 2025.

The whole world knows that Apple is developing an electric vehicle, but when it will be released is still a mystery.


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