Drone-Assisted Smart Mailbox

DroneDek smart mailbox can safely receive packages from delivery drones.

Drone-Assisted Smart Mailbox

DroneDek, an Indianapolis-based firm, is releasing an innovative smart mailbox of the same name that is meant to function in a larger high-tech delivery system to receive drone deliveries.

This mailbox works in conjunction with a supporting application to supply GPS coordinates to the package delivery drone, which is then restored by sending a special security code to the mailbox.

The mailbox automatically opens its door when the code is evaluated and accepted, allowing the drone to deliver its package.

Following the takeoff of the drone, the DroneDek smart mailbox detects the item and alerts the user to verify the parcel using the mailbox's inbuilt camera.

DroneDek mailbox will be launched in 2022 and is targeted at companies that rely on delivery regularly. (Via)

Drone-Assisted Smart Mailbox


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