NFT-Based Hybrid Moving Sculpture

Mike Winkelmann's latest NFT-based artwork is expected to fetch $15 million.

NFT-based digital sculpture

Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple, is one of the most expensive artists in the world when he sold an NFT art for $69 million earlier this year.

The artist’s latest work is called Human One, a physical sculpture with digital elements, and it is estimated that this artwork will sell for $15 million.

Human One (2021) is a moving hybrid artwork combining digital, physical, and NFT characteristics. It includes a 7-foot-tall box covered with an LED display and a 24-hour video to make it look like a life-size astronaut is roaming over dystopian regions. What's interesting is that the character "turns" to whatever angle the sculpture faces.

The sculpture will be auctioned off at Christie’s 21st Century Evening Auction on November 9. According to reports, NFT's smart contracts are specially coded, so even if the work is sold, Winkelmann can remotely control the content displayed on the screen. Mike can modify the artwork remotely forever and decide to close it or destroy it.

NFT-based digital sculpture

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