World's 1st Hydrogen-Powered Bike

LAVO is an innovative eco-friendly hydrogen bike that is the future of transportation.

hydrogen cargo bike

The LAVO bicycle by StudioMOM is the world's first hydrogen bike, and it operates without the use of hefty batteries, particles, or carbon dioxide emissions.

In congested cities, bicycles appear to be the favored means of transportation and they are often less harmful to the environment than vehicles and trucks.

LAVO bikes, according to StudioMOM, are intended to take us "closer to a zero-emission society." They are outfitted with tiny hydrogen tanks that can fuel the bicycles' functioning by obtaining hydrogen from water and solar energy.

LAVO's proprietary energy storage system uses an electrolyzer to convert the electrical energy of the solar panels into hydrogen and oxygen components and relocates them to a long-term storage system containing metal alloys to produce hydrogen.

It just takes around 10 minutes to charge, and the LAVO bike can go approximately 150 kilometers before needing to be recharged. LAVO bicycles are composed of lightweight materials and keep the load structure intact to meet the hydrogen-powered system's basic weight. (Via)

first hydrogen cargo bike


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