Egg-Shaped Office Building

The Star is an egg-shaped office building that will be an iconic landmark in Hollywood.

egg-shaped office building

Los Angeles' Hollywood district is experiencing a massive metamorphosis, with new building projects sprouting up everywhere. MAD Architects has just released another $500 million design idea that is sure to stand out in a sea of bland new structures.

The building features an almost egg-like shape with an external covering of textured glass. Landscaped gardens and terraces are interwoven throughout the structure's 22 stories. Furthermore, the elevator is designed to sit outside and go up and down the spine of the structure.

As it has been dubbed, The Star will be the new iconic landmark in Hollywood, continuing to inspire and foster the public's creativity.

According to MAD Architects, the structure's open floorplans give adequate meeting spaces and access to nature, creating a new sort of work-life culture that emphasizes balance, contemplation, and cooperation. (Via)

egg-shaped office building

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