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World's 1st Largest Lava Lamp

Mathmos launched the world's largest lava lamp production line.


saturn lava lamp

Mathmos' Saturn huge lava lamp is 5 feet (1.5 meters) high, making it the largest production line ever. Saturn's functionality is comparable to that of a normal tiny lava lamp; no additional filling or construction is necessary.

Saturn is handcrafted in the United Kingdom and adheres to stringent quality standards, utilizing ultra-white borosilicate glass, hand-polished spinning, and laser-cut aluminum.

The lamp's design is based on the 1960s original lava lamp design The Princess, which is now extremely rare. The Saturn is meant to travel and warm up in around 3 hours and provides 6 hours of continuous lava movement.

When the lamp bottle runs out after around 2,000 hours, consumers only need to send the old bottle back to earn points for replacement. Its 120w R7s 78mm linear halogen capsule bulb can also be replaced as needed.

The Saturn comes in two boxes and an insert containing instructions. It weighs 24.7 kg, is 59.84 inches high and 21.26 inches wide. Special decorative elements are available in a variety of color combinations, including pink and orange, yellow and red, blue and green, white and black.

The Saturn lava lamp is custom-made and can be purchased on the brand's website for $3,348.

The British accountant Edward Craven-Walker created the lava lamp in 1963 and sold it under the Astro Lamps brand. These lamps bring a unique touch to the decoration of any room.

saturn lava lamp

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