E-Scooter for Pets

Mopet is a pet-friendly E-scooter with a built-in compartment for dogs.

Pet-Friendly E-Scooter

Pet owners don't have many choices to get around cities with their tiny pooch in tow. Deciding to leash their dog or put smaller puppies in a bicycle basket is either inconvenient or unsafe.

The Mopet is a pet-friendly E-scooter ideal for pet owners to travel with their furry friends. The pet-friendly E-scooter includes a large and safe storage compartment where owners can put their pets while scooting around.

When it comes to pet-friendly transportation, safety is the top priority, and Mopet has a plethora of safety measures. When riding at night, users may activate the bike's beam LEDs to make their e-bike and tiny dog visible to approaching traffic.

Mopet is equipped with a large-capacity battery that allows it to drive for 60 kilometers on a single charge making it ideal for city dwellers.

The pet-friendly E-scooter's foldable design allows the users to collapse its handlebars for optimal storability when not in use.

Mopet weighs about 25 kg and fits easily into the trunk of a car. (Via)

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