Doughnut-Shaped Residential Building

The O-shaped residential building will be located in Mannheim, Germany.

Quirky residential building

MVRDV's O-shaped unique residential building in Mannheim, Germany, demonstrates the firm's penchant for witty, offbeat architecture. The donut-shaped high-rise, one of four structures that will eventually spell out HOME.

It will be built on the site of Mannheim's historic Benjamin Franklin Barracks, which spans 41 hectares and originally housed US soldiers and other people during the Cold War.

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The front of the O-shaped residential building will be decorated in blue brick, while the interior will feature 15 storeys and 120 apartments, each with its own colorful extending balcony area. There will also be retail establishments and a bar on the lower floors.

A large stairway will lead to a terrace area at the O Center. MVRDV also aims to gain insight into the history of the site and recreate the feel of the demolished US military barracks on the site.

All four sides of the doughnut building will be surrounded by plazas, and the entire site will also be landscaped, including the nearby greenery hills.

Quirky residential building

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