Oreo-Scented Flip Flops

Havaianas flip flops smell like Oreo cookies.

chocolate scented flip flops

Flip flop brand Havaianas and Oreo teamed up to launch Oreo x Havaianas, a flip flop that smells like a famous cookie.

The blue straps and black and white midsole of the Oreo-scented flip flops are reminiscent of the famous biscuit's profile. The insole features a delightful pattern of Oreo cookies floating in milk at the beach.

According to the company, the straps on the Oreo x Havaianas produce a cookie-like smell. Havaianas has also created matching Oreo socks and an Oreo-shaped headphone cover to go with the sneakers.

Although Oreo x Havaianas may not be edible, the release of a limited edition flip flop capsule seems to be an unusual choice for the company to attract media attention, making it a successful advertising campaign through light-hearted gimmicks.


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