Plant-Based Alternative Eggs

Migros' plant-based eggs get their protein from soy.

Plant-Based Hard-Boiled Eggs

Swiss retail and grocery giant Migros has launched its latest eggs substitute called The Boiled, which is made from 14 different ingredients, but its protein content comes from soy. These replacement products will be sold in Switzerland in four-packs for 4.40 Swiss francs (approximately US$4.84).

The new egg looks just like an ordinary one and tastes almost the same. Making The Boiled entails putting the liquid that forms the white exterior shell into a mold. Following the development and solidification of the white component, they are placed on an automated production line where the yellow yolk is injected.

In recent years, many companies have produced plant-based eggs, but Migros' The Boiled seems to be the first plant-based product derived from soybeans.

The Boiled from Migros is the latest addition to the company's plant-based product range, V-Love. (Via)

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