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Robot-Operated Pizza Restaurant

Hyper-Robotics launched its first fully robot-operated pizza restaurant concept.

Robot-Operated Pizza Restaurant

Hyper-Robotics has unveiled its first fully automated restaurant design, a containerized robot pizza restaurant capable of producing up to 50 pies per hour.

Hyper-Robotics, formerly known as Highpper, is an Israeli manufacturer of completely autonomous robotic restaurants.

The futuristic-looking container incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide efficient and effective client service. The robotic pizza shop features three convection ovens, a conveyor belt system that transfers pizzas into the ovens, an automated slicer, and a boxing system that places freshly-made pizzas in a box for the client to take.

In addition, the restaurant has 30 pizza warming cabinets, built-in cold storage, two robotic dispensing arms, and an automated toppings dispenser.

While this robot-operated pizza restaurant is Hyper Robotics' initial concept, the business has plans for more autonomous robots that will offer bowl cuisine, burgers, and even ice cream. (Via)


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