Spicy and Crispy Burger Topped with Macaroni

McDonald's new Spicy Mac and Cheese Burger will be available only in Korea.

Spicy Macaroni-Topped Burger

McDonald's introduces the new Spicy Mac and Cheese Burger, putting a fresh spin on classic American comfort food in a fun way. But the spicy macaroni topped crispy and cheesy item will be available only in Korea.

The recipe starts with a spicy chicken breast pie, topped with pepper-flavored macaroni and cheese made with Grana Padano and Cheddar. On a sesame bun, the macaroni and chicken mixture is topped with crispy bacon, lettuce, and mayonnaise. The final product is a crispy cheese with cayenne pepper flavored.

The new spicy and crispy food is priced at 6,200 won, or approximately US$5.28. Spicy Mac and Cheese Burger will be on sale at participating locations across Korea on November 24, 2021. (Via)

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