Jet-Powered VTOL Drone

The AB6 JetQuad drone uses four micro-turbine jet engines instead of rotors.

Powerfully Propelled VTOL Drone

The AB6 JetQuad, built by the Texas-based aerospace company FusionFlight, is a drone featuring four micro-turbine jet engines instead of rotors.

The 'AB6 JetQuad's' 20-liter tank can give up to 15 minutes of top-speed flight (or even 25 minutes of hovering) when carrying an 18-kilos payload, and it can even travel greater distances while carrying lesser amounts of weight.

The VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drone weighs 24 kg without the fuel and it operates on diesel, kerosene, or jet-A fuel. Its four engines provide a total of 700 newtons of thrust. Users may input waypoints for autonomous flight or remotely operate the drone in real-time up to a range of 50 kilometers.

The quadcopter might be used for a variety of purposes, including emergency medical supplies delivery and long-range surveillance. Because it lacks any exterior airfoils that may frost up, it should fare better in bad weather than rotor or fixed-wing drones. Furthermore, its jet engines enable it to fly at heights of up to 11 km.

The AB6 JetQuad is expected to be ready for purchase next summer for $100,000 and the prototype is now being tested for qualification.

Powerfully Propelled VTOL Drone

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