Squid Game-Inspired Cookie Cutters

These 3D-Printed Cookie Cutters are for the die-hard fans of the unsettling Korean series.

Famous TV Series Cookie Cutters

This is a set of cookie cutters inspired by the Squid Game and 3D printed by 3BRM, a Germany-based Etsy retailer. These cookie cutters depict four symbols from the famous Korean TV series, including a circle, umbrella, star, and triangle.

The diameter of each squid game cookie cutter is about 80 mm. It cuts out round biscuits with a diameter of roughly 75mm using the circular outline.

Each Squid Game 3D printed cookie cutter costs $4.76 and is designed specifically for die-hard fans to reproduce items from the popular series for eating or potentially as part of an at-home version of the game as described in the series.

Famous TV Series Cookie Cutters

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