Road Capable Flying Car

XPeng launched a flying car concept on its 1024 Tech Day.

flying car concept

XPeng, a Chinese electric vehicle maker, has shown its idea for a flying car that can also drive on the road, which the firm hopes to produce as soon as 2024.

XPeng presented renderings of the unannounced electric flying vehicle during its annual 1024 Tech Day when it showcased its latest concepts.

HT Aero, the company's urban air mobility (UAM) subsidiary, is working on the road-capable flying automobile.

Unlike most contemporary UAM aircraft designs, the car will be able to operate both in the air and on the ground and will have a foldable dual-rotor system that transforms it from a car to an aircraft.

The automobile will feature a steering wheel for driving and a single lever for flying, according to the renderings. The vehicle will be outfitted with an environmental perception system that will assess the surrounding environment and weather conditions to ensure that it can safely take off and land at the designated destination.

Even though the car will be handled manually, perception and flight control algorithms will assist pilots in avoiding flying obstructions.

Xpeng aims to sell the automobile to people directly and anticipates it functioning in urban areas.

The vehicle is an extension of HT Aero's earlier two-seater flying automobile idea, the Traveler X2.

flying car concept

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