UFO-Shaped Electric Air Taxi

The Zeva Zero is a VTOL electric air taxi in the shape of a flying saucer.

UFO-Shaped Electric Air Taxi

Zeva plans to market the eVTOL flying saucer as a single-person electric air taxi, where passengers can fly over the city like a superman.

The Zeva Zero is a big carbon-fiber disc that measures around 8 ft in diameter and weighs 317 kg gross. There are two propulsion compartments at the front and two at the rear. Each engine compartment has two coaxially installed electric props.

The first intended production model will employ 25 kWh batteries, which will be housed in the disc's edges and divided into several different packs. In the event of a battery fire, these packs will be segregated from one another in double-walled carbon boxes that will be continually monitored and capable of venting both heat and poisonous gases outside the aircraft. A second bulkhead will separate the battery areas from the passenger compartment.

Users can enter the UFO-shaped electric air taxi through a complex, folding hatch arrangement on the rear while it rests on its tail, tilting slightly forward to allow users to rest their chest and belly against it, seal the hatch behind them, and then they are ready to fly. It has a top speed of 160 mph with a range of 50 miles.

Zeva Zero electric air taxi takes off vertically, then transitions to a horizontal cruising mode in which the entire body disc becomes a lift-generating wing in roughly 20 seconds.

According to Newsatlas, the mechanical structure of Zeva Zero is very simple, and the price of this small UFO-shaped electric air taxi is estimated to be approximately US$250,000 per unit.

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UFO-Shaped Electric Air Taxi

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