Seeds Planting Autonomous Solar Powered Robot

A'ssedbot robot turns barren land into a lush green landscape.

seeds planting autonomous solar powered robot

A'seedbot is an autonomous robot that can manually sow seeds on desert terrain. The ultimate goal is to turn the uninhabitable sand into a lush green landscape. During the day, it can drive itself and collect power from solar panels fitted on its upper surface.

Every morning, the A'seedbot begins its voyage by paddling through the sand with its propeller-style feet that drive it ahead, while the back end of the bot helps plant seeds into the soft soil.

A'seedbot is attractive and unique because of its unique form and created as a great example of "form follows function". The longitudinal design of the robot can be divided into three parts: "seeing", "navigating" and "planting". The two ultrasonic sensors on the front of the robot allow it to inspect the ground ahead, and the movable head allows it to stare in different directions to determine the best route.

Once decided, the paddle-like legs help A'seedbot advance and even change direction. Finally, the end of the bot rests on the ground and quickly pushes the seeds into the sand where the bot deems it necessary.

The central processing unit assists the robot in understanding terrain, deciding where to plant seeds, and monitoring them every few days, while the solar panels on top assist the robot in sensing how harsh the sun is while simultaneously supplying it with power, which is neatly stored in the A'seedbot's internal battery.

A’seedbot is a graduation project from Mazyar Etehadi of the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation.

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solar-powered autonomous robot

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