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Trash Collecting Manual Trolley

Brolley is a manual multipurpose trolley that can assist you in sorting recyclables.

Trash Collecting Manual Trolley

Brolley is a manual trolley designed to help waste management practices that have expanded due to increased transportation demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the earliest prototypes were put into use, the manually operated transport trolleys have adopted various shapes and changes. Dosam Choi developed the Brolley, a modern version of a portable trolley that can help recycle delivery debris such as cardboard boxes and Styrofoam peanuts.

Brolley consists of six components, which have been combined into one product: broom, dustpan, trash can, storage space, box holder, and hook. Brolley's modular design allows it to be disassembled piece by piece to meet the needs of each user.

Users can sweep the packaged items into the built-in dustpan of the product to dispose of the residue. They can completely separate the broom from Brolley, and then use a strong magnetic strip to fix it together. The clean trash can then be placed in the trash container outside the Brolley spherical base.

Sundries such as net bags or cloth bags can be hung on Brolley's built-in hooks, or they can be stuffed into the compartment with dustpans. Choi envisaged Brolley in various colors and imagined it would suit every modern family.

Trash Collecting Manual Trolley

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