Sustainable Poultry Farming

Do Good Foods' sustainable poultry farming turns excess food products into chicken supplements.

sustainable poultry farming

As the feed business is currently the largest sector in the animal feed industry, it is worth noting the scale of investment in modern animal feed production systems. A review of the principal trends in the industry confirms that the animal feed manufacturers are on the move, investing in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that improve the quality of animal feed and boost productivity. Firms like Do Good Foods raise chicken on a diet that includes ingredients made with nutritious surplus grocery food.

'Do Good Foods' is a new Pennsylvania-based firm that aims to turn leftover and abandoned food into nutrient-dense poultry feed. This firm does not accept food trash that has been consumed and dumped, but rather food waste from grocery shops that were not sold. These items are then combined and upcycled into a nutrient-dense chicken supplement.

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Do Good Foods then grows hormone-free, cage-free, sustainable chicken meat on its farms using these poultry feed additives. Because this effort is still in its early stages, these hens are not currently for sale. However, while Do Good Foods' poultry goods may gain 'Animal Welfare' clearance shortly, the firm will not receive the organic label due to the nature of the chicken feed being derived from grocery store products.

Each Do Good Chicken prevents roughly 4lbs of excess goods from being thrown away, resulting in a reduction of nearly 3lbs of greenhouse emissions (CO2e).

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