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Wall-Mountable Smart Mini-Refrigerator

The G-Cube smart mini-refrigerator can be carried with you.

smart mini refrigerator

The ability to tailor products and services to meet unique needs and preferences is a hallmark of the modern world. When it comes to shopping for appliances, we expect a level of variety and customization that’s impossible to find in most product categories.

You can get a custom suit made from bespoke fabrics and have your shoes specially constructed to your exact specifications, but what about your refrigerators? When it comes to buying a refrigerator, customization has mostly meant choosing between white or black, or small or large.

For years, the refrigerator was a place to store food. But now, it’s a canvas for design. Brands are transforming the kitchen appliance into a unique piece of art that can be customized to match any interior. Design-focused kitchens are becoming a thing, and the smart refrigerator is at the heart of it.

There’s no shortage of smart fridges on the market. Modern-day refrigerators are smart devices that come with features and capabilities we never even knew we wanted. You can easily find a basic model that’s going to keep your food and drinks cold, but what’s harder to find are the fridges that offer more than their basic counterparts.

The G-Cube smart mini-fridge is the first appliance in this roundup to feature a portable add-on. The smart mini-fridge comes standard in a variety of configurations, but the portable add-on is a standout feature.

The first thing that catches the eye of this mini-fridge is its size. It’s only about the size of a small bookcase, which makes it the ideal addition to any small kitchen.

It’s also conveniently wall-mounted, which not only saves precious space in the apartment but also makes it far easier to place in your kitchen area. This means that you can keep your food organized and easy to access, which is great if you have limited space.

The G-Cube also has a unique design feature. It can be clipped out of the wall mount and stashed in the boot of your car for impromptu picnics or barbecues. You can also add it to your RV’s kitchen so that your adventurous life can take you far and away from home without sacrificing your culinary comforts.

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G-Cube is not just a refrigerator, it is also a speaker. Connect your smartphone to the G-Cube via Bluetooth, and you can use it as a portable speaker.

The G-Cube mini refrigerator has multiple compartments, which can be used to store different food items, ensuring that you always have enough food to enjoy. For example, foods that need to be consumed in a short period are stored separately. On the other hand, bottled drinks have their compartments.

The fabric coating exterior door of this portable smart refrigerator contains an integrated button for adjusting the volume of the speaker. There is also a small display on the front of the G-cube, which can flash lyrics while playing music. This smart mini-refrigerator comes in two colors: pearl white and blue. (Via)

smart mini refrigerator

smart mini refrigerator

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