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Sustainable Fashionable Sneakers

Hana Light Mix sneakers are made from fruit waste.

Sustainable Fashionable Sneakers

The Hana Light Mix sneakers of the Italian brand ID.EIGHT are designed as unisex shoes, allowing users to enjoy comfortable footwear while paying attention to the environment.

These sneakers are made from materials that are considered waste by the food industry, such as apple skin and hearts, grape skin, seeds, and pineapple leaves.

ID.EIGHT is a well-known brand that uses only ecological and cruelty-free materials to produce sports shoes in Italy. Hana Light Mix sneakers are inspired by the navy blue look of the 1990s, and the durable shoes exhibit ID.EIGHT's ironic and energetic style. The white recycled polyester top contrasts starkly with the red and blue AppleSkin accents, producing a contemporary and light color palette.

Four elements sourced from apples, grapes, seeds, and pineapples are used by the brand. Piatex is a product created from the discarded leaves of pineapple grown in the Philippines. AppleSkin, obtained from the bio-polymerization of apple peels and cores in Italy; Vegea, obtained from the bio-polymerization of marc in Italy.

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The shoe has lycra and recycled mesh inserts on the top, sole, and laces, as well as a label made of recycled materials, and the sole is also made up of 30% recycled rubber.

The packaging is sustainable and is made of recycled cardboard. The shipping bag also consists of at least 80% recycled polyethylene and is 100% recyclable. (Via)

Sustainable Fashionable Sneakers

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